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My prior tenants, who were complete headaches, called and claimed that someone had attempted to break in.  I honestly believe that they locked themselves out and cut the screen on the back door (to perfect of a cut) but they claimed it had to be someone trying to break in(more than likely so they did not have to pay to repair) so I made an incident report.  Now when people ask if the unit is safe do i legally have to say an incident report was made?

I always tell my prospectives to contact the local police department to find out about safety. That takes the liability off of you and they will get the whole picture instead of one incident.
I would assume the landlord should be fully aware of his property (i.e. what works, what doesnt and what condition the property is in). And if a tenant brings this up, you need to remedy the situation immediately. mold and asbestos are serious health hazards.
Let me add to that question that someone please let us know to what extent mold disclosures should be stated.   As in how much molds, the types, the resolution or just a blanket "watch out for mold"
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