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We have been a resident in this rental for over 10 years and the carpets have been the same since.  A friend of mine lived in the same apt prior to myself for 5 years so it's been a total of 15yrs that the carpet has been in the apt.  The carpet right now has started to bunch up in places and has caused ripples through out the living room.  The landlord wants to stretch the carpet out.  My questions are: First: is the landlord responsible for moving my furniture and should there be some kind of contract that needs to be signed saying they are liable for any damage to my furniture. Second: Seeing that it's been 15yrs since the carpet has been replaced should they put in new carpet instead of stretching it?  Thanks in advance  -g

Basically, your landlord is not obligated to replace the carpet unless it is specified within your lease. I would think though after being a resident for over 10 years would have some merit. Have you tried to ask for carpeting??
yeah but really didn't push it.  Reading more and more about renters and carpets it states that carpets should be changed  in about 10yrs.    What about the furniture question, should the landlord be responsible for moving it?  Thanks again
Once again, that would be up to the landlord. Some carpet companies will move furniture but many express that they are not lliable for damage. That does not mean that you cannot take a company or a landlord to court; but after the $$ spent and the aggravation to do that, is it worth it? I usually have my tenants remove their valuables, fragile items and antique items, themselves. I would simply state to your landlord that you have been a good tenant for # years and would like to request new carpeting. The worst that will happen is that he will say no.
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