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Lease terminated -2 months rent unpaid an damages.

Tennant will not forward a valid forwarding address. I served tenant for unlawful detainer but not sure if she received. How can I collect past do rent and damages?

Once you have regained possession, the next step is to try and collect the judgement. Collecting judgements can be very tricky. Sometimes it just never happens. Each state has it's own criteria and steps for collecting on a judgement. You can attach wages in some cases,force a sheriff's sale of tenants personal property. Check with your local courthouse for exact requirements.
I also have a situation where the couple have been fighting and the wife has called the law out here 3 times and yesterday the husband came and wanted in, so I let him in and he removed his merchandise but left hers.  He also terminated his lease with me yesterday.  All I want is for the wife to leave without the eviction process if possible.  They will be 14 days late on the rent tomorrow and she has no intent to pay.  Does she now how to vacate the premises since the lease has been terminated?
Cindi: There are specific steps that you must follow in order to evict someone. You cannot change locks or use force to remove a tenant or shut off utilities. When sending any correspondence, I would include the husbands name (if he still is listed on the lease and has not been formally removed) and even send it to him if he has a different address. For Alabama : Landlords must provide seven days written notice of an intent to evict for non-payment of rent.  Landlords must provide fourteen days written notice for an eviction or other lease violations.  If the tenant has not complied within the specified time frame, the landlord may then file with the court an action for eviction. If you are uneasy handling this yourself, I would hire an attorney to assist you.
I have read the Uniform Alabama Tenant Laws,,,is says it was updated 1/1/07.  Is that the most updated laws?  I really just wish the lady had some morals and would do what is right.  This is only my third renter, so I am definitely still learning and want to do what is right by law.  But, if I get the renter (husband) to sign a letter of termination and this couple is still married then wouldn't that mean that she has to go if the husband has terminated the lease.?   Thank You
There are a ton of resources including this web-site for info regarding landlord tenant law. I believe though that the 7 Day/14 Day Notice is correct with the updated laws. I also think that if a husband wants to be released from the lease and the wife agrees, I would have them both sign a release. But if the wife seems like she cannot pay the rent, I would start eviction, if it were me.
I have my eviction notice ready.  I really wish they had better laws for the property owners.  Just like the other night when they were fighting for whatever reason he jumped out the window, well that messed up the frame and the window,,and he also kicked the door in, so I asked the cops while they were here what rights did I have to protect my property and they said at this point it just becomes a civil matter,. Well I think that is crazy since we they knew they were fighting.  These people have only been here 3 mths.  So it's not like they have been here for a while and have been good prior, they have only made one power bill payment so I'm not sure when that will be cut off and I hope we don't have to pay that for someone else to live there.    Thank you so much for your help
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