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Credit report

First time renting house.  How do you get a credit report on applicants?  Is there a permission form to be filled out.  How much to charge for report?  what is good score?

Why don’t you seek assistance from real estate agents? My agents at Cloud Real Estate conducted a complete credit check of the tenants.
I just completed using the electronic application and the credit application for several potential renters, very fast and easy to use for me and the applications. It also transcribed into a lease. Great way to get your results quickly.
If the prospective tenants pay for the credit and criminal screening, but do not get selected, do I as the landlord have to refund that fee?
Hello Joyce:   Click on the tab that says TENANT SCREENING and then you will click on SEND REQUEST. All you will need is the applicant's name and email, property information and who will be paying. Then you will click on SEND REQUEST. Once the request is sent the applicant will receive an email with a link, they will click on the link and begin entering in their information. Once the applicant completes, the reports will be sent to your ezlandlordforms account immediately.   To view the results, put your mouse over the TENANT SCREENING tab and click on APPLICANT RESULTS   Please feel free to contact live support if you have questions, or need help! Thank you so much for using Ezlandlordforms. Have a wonderful day!
Not usually. You can attach a copy of the report if you want but it's not required. If you decline them then you have to add information for the applicant to get a free copy of the report in the denial letter. But if approved they don't really need it.
I would be more concern about having her pay the rent instead of her credit rating. Send her the Notice to Pay or Quit. Than you go to Small Claims to collect the unpaid rent, assuming she move. A judgement in your favor will appear on her report.
Hi, credit reports are first obtained by getting good relevant information on your tenant via a rental application. There is a free one on this site. There are many good companies that will perform background checks from anywhere  from $10 plus. There are some good resources listed under "Resources>Links on this site. Congrats on your first rental property!
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