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My lease ended on november 1st! My landlord gave me my info packet to renew my lease on February 4th! First he told me to put November 1st on all my paper work! He stated he has been to busy to give it to me before then! He also said that on November 1st 2008 my rent was suppose to increase and that i should have got a memo in March 2008 stating that rent was going up! In the memo it stated that any current resident who COMPLETES A RECERTIFICATION as well as new tennants will have the rent increase. If i have not completed a recertification how would this apply to me. It's not my fault that he has been to busy to give it to me. And why would I put November 1st on the new paper work when he gave it to me on February 4th! How is this legal! How would I owe back rent if the memo stated that IT WOULD BE APPLICABLE TO ANY CURRENT RESIDENT WHO COMPLETES A RECERT. Please help me! Thank you!

Karin, it's really not a question anyone can answer for you. There is no way to predict.
Dear Vladimir,  You can sign up for a free account and it is always free on our site. If you are looking for free forms go to Forms > Free Documents. In this section all of the forms are listed. If you need help at all finding things do not hesitate to chat with us on Live Chat, we are available 7 days a week! We look forward to helping you.
Unless your tenant signed anything that attaches him to the obligation - there is not much you can do. I always take a deposit and clearly state that if tenant fails to move-in and sign lease, the deposit will be forfeited.
If you gave your tenant the notices, and waited out the proper amount of days it is time to start the eviction process. You must now seek relief in court. You should go to the Small Claims court for the jurisdiction where the property sits. The court clerk will tell you if you are in the right court. Then tell the clerk that you want to file an eviction case, and the clerk will give you the proper forms to fill out. There will be a filing fee. The court clerk will set a Court Date for the eviction case, and will have the local Sheriff deliver what is called a "Writ of Forcible Detainer to the tenant. This Writ will tell the tenant that they are being sued for eviction, and when and where the court date will be.
Estates at will may be determined by either party by three months’ notice in writing for that purpose given to the other party; and, if the rent reserved is payable at periods of less than three months, the time of such notice shall be sufficient if it is equal to the interval between the days of payment or thirty days, whichever is longer. Such written notice may include an offer to establish a new tenancy for the same premises on terms different from that of the tenancy being terminated and the validity of such written notice shall not be affected by the inclusion of such offer. Therefore, if your tenant does not want to sign a one year lease, you can give him notice to vacate according to either the lease or as specified above.
they signed a lease but never exchanged money but called and advised me that they had a job transfer once house is occupied or rented i am not able to collect money that is owed correct/
I would email him the PDF and tell him in the note with the PDF that you are mailing hard copy. Keep receipt of postage for tax deduction and evidence of sending.
I think I would contact your local legal aid or perhaps a housing agency and ask them.
Hello Mary,  All our rental applications are for Tenants and Co-Signers they both work the same way. In the lease, you will add them to STEP 1 of the lease under Co-Signer.  Our ezSign process only works for the landlord and tenants at this time. We do hope to be adding to this feature in the near future. Once all tenants sign the lease and you receive the signed copy, you can email it to the cosigner. The cosigner can then print out and sign the agreement, then send it back to you for your records.
A lease should be state specific. So if the rental is in AZ, then the lease should be as well.
Is there a reason you can't send it via email as a PDF file?
Take action to avoid or reduce damages.  So rent it as soon as you can without delay.  However  that does not mean just putting anyone in there either.  The new tenant should meet the same requirments the people met who signed the contract.  When you find the next person who you will have sign a lease, count on them backing out and keep looking until they have paid you the deposit at the least.
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