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My lease ended on november 1st! My landlord gave me my info packet to renew my lease on February 4th! First he told me to put November 1st on all my paper work! He stated he has been to busy to give it to me before then! He also said that on November 1st 2008 my rent was suppose to increase and that i should have got a memo in March 2008 stating that rent was going up! In the memo it stated that any current resident who COMPLETES A RECERTIFICATION as well as new tennants will have the rent increase. If i have not completed a recertification how would this apply to me. It's not my fault that he has been to busy to give it to me. And why would I put November 1st on the new paper work when he gave it to me on February 4th! How is this legal! How would I owe back rent if the memo stated that IT WOULD BE APPLICABLE TO ANY CURRENT RESIDENT WHO COMPLETES A RECERT. Please help me! Thank you!

Usually there has to be a cause. Look in the lease for notice requirements on having the tenant vacate.
A lease should name every adult who will reside. Period.
What if there is a fire am I responsible for the tenants property ?
Hard copy may not be required. CA Code 1950.5 in part: After either the landlord or the tenant provides notice to terminate the tenancy, the landlord and the tenant may also agree to have the landlord provide a copy of the itemized statement along with the copies required by paragraph (2) to an email account provided by the tenant.
I am not sure, but one thing we do with our properties is to get tenants insurance. Depends on the coverage of the policy, I guess. We also recommend to our tenants to get their own Rental Insurance in case there is any vandalism, robbery, etc. We had one tenant wanting us to call our insurance because someone broke in and stole thousands of money from the property. I reminded him of the rental insurance we recommended and that is part of the lease they signed. We were not responsible for their losses. Some of his items were stolen and one door was damaged. He paid for the damaged cause during the break in. I hope this helps you.
I am assuming that it was error that made the dates that way. This type of situation would be left to a judge. To be on the safe side, I would provide tenant with a new lease and have them sign it to replace the old one. If they refuse or you are in the middle of any legal battle with them, I would think a judge may see it was in error. BUT some judges are completely BY THE BOOK, so keep that in mind. If you at least show that you tried to fix the error by sending the tenant notice and having them sign a new lease. OR one other thing you can try is to create a Lease Amendment....(which is a lease change) EXAMPLE-  "Amended this day of ______________________ 2011, the beginning date of the lease is XXXX and the lease end date is XXXX. All other terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement will remain in effect."
Yes the lease will still be valid if in the lease is states that once lease expires it will be a month to month tenancy. The rules that would change is the amount of time to give notice to tenants on the month to month.
Typically "Yes". Legally, it's considered a MTM verbal.
What if there is a fire am I responsible for the tenants property ?
If they signed the lease, depending on what the lease says, your tenant may be responsible until you re-rent the property. BUT beware, if this is permitted in Florida and you go this way, you have the obligation to mitigate damages, which mean to do everything within your power to re-rent the property ASAP.
Oh sorry ...Thx Bob appreciate that...Im tired today...
@ Jessica - I'm assuming you are associated with EZ Landlord and therefore, you can answer my question. Does the Nonrenewal form work for ALL States or just AZ?
Hi Karen, Yes you may email the lease... however, for it to be signed it must be printed out.
Is the premium package a form they can't change? Adobe Pro allows for changes to PDF so I would be sure to recheck lease either way.  
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