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30 day notice

My tenant gave a 30 day notice Jan. 5 and the rent is paid through Jan. 31. Does his tenancy end Jan 31 or Feb. 4? He's not paid any rent for Feb.

I would first call them up and inform them that they're obligated on the lease until July. Maybe tell them you'll allow a sub-letter to move in in their stead, but they're responsible for making sure that you receive payments on that lease until it terminates. If they leave anyway, you can take them to court for breaching the lease; at that point you would need a local real estate attorney however. There's a directory of them under the resources menu if you need one. Good luck!
Notice is usually as long as the rental periods (for ex: monthly, weekly and so on). but if the tenant has been there over one year, they get a 60 day notice. This is unless there is something otherwise specified in your lease agreement.
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