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my long term tenant wont sign a lease.

i am the property manager for a company that just start and i have a tenant that has been in a home of the companys for years before i stared managing it and they wont sign a lease i have sent them a notice that there home is now under new management and a lease is required to remain a tenant what should i do ?

Normally, where there is no written lease; notice to vacate would depend on how often rent is paid, most likely monthly. Therefore, you can give this tenant a notice to vacate of 30 days. If he fails to move, you can then start the process of eviction. I, personally think if this particular tenant causes no problems and pays his rent on time; I wouldn't force the issue.
I have a tenant that also won't sign the lease or addendum's also I need advice on eviction procedures in the state of delaware can someone guide me in the right direction??
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