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Rent Increase

What is the maximum rent increase allowable in Baltimore, MD.

Hi Pamela, It's unfortunate that this has occurred...there are Liability issues and that's why the Insurer had you sign this paper...ezlandlord has an addendum for when people go through what you're going through, this is a lesson for you that you need to explain to the people ...should they bring in more people they are subject to increase in rent. Go back to the beginning and look at all the addendums..I believe it's called "Guest Policy" .they're there for your protection. The other thing you should ask your tenants to obtain is Renter's Insurance which will release you to a degree of any Liability...I'm assuming this is a house you're renting out. What happens if there's a fire, or a theft...that goes against your Insurer...when if you ask the tenants for a Renter's policy that insurance company is responsible and you just saved yourself from a big headache. Good Luck, I go through and read all my pages when I do a lease because I know ezlandlord will show me and give me pointers. I did one recently, I had all kinds of information (pertenent to my state) and as a Landlord you are responsible for doing all you can to protect yourself in the event of a Loss and comply with the Laws where you live or in this case where you rent your property. My lease was 28+ pages.
With a month to month lease you must give at least 30 days notice of the hike in the price of rent.
You can't increase rent without giving a monthly notice to your tenants. Tropicana Realty manages my three apartments in Killeen and to increase rent, they give 30 days prior notice to tenants.
How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?  If it's less than that based on a year, usually people won't want to move especially if everything else out in the market won't be cheaper.
Hey Richard, I agree with you. As per the contract or rent agreement property owner need to be raise the rent. It is compulsory.
If it is not a long term lease, you should give at 30 day notice that you are increasing rent. If it is a long term lease, rent can't be increased until the end of the current lease term. Of course rules are different if it's a rent controlled or rent stabilized property.
I'm pretty sure you have to follow the current lease. Once the current lease, expires you can make changes.
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There is no regulation in Florida however depending on how much you are going to  increase rent you may need to give a certain amount of notice that must be given. Check with your local cities requirements!
OK thank you Richard W.
To raise the rent in the state of Carolina, you would need to give the same amount of notice required to end a lease. So for instance, a month to month lease requires a 30 day notice to end or raise rent.  If you have a long-term lease, then you would not increase rent until the lease ends and a new tenancy begins, unless the lease itself provides for an increase.
If you do a rent increase then yes lock them in for a year, other wise if they are good tenants on a mont to month just keep them as long as you can. This usually works to your benefit. I usually never increase rent for good tenants. I can always make up for it when I look for new tenants.
No, since you are in California. Leases are optimal when the market is slow or when you first get the tenants in so that that you don't have a fast turn over. When the rental market is doing well, especially in California, Month to month is better on a renewal. I was an owner and landlord for 12 years in CA before we moved to Washington State a year ago. California is a very different market compared to the rest of the US.
Didn't you mention about the increase in rent in the lease agreement? When I was renting a home, my agent at Could Real Estate included all such clauses in the contract to avoid any problems.
If you’re renting the property out on a month-to-month basis  you  can increase the rent basically any time he feels like it. But remember, that you has to give your tenant a notice, usually 30 days.
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