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Illinois -Tenant Lease was not renewed and given 30 days notice and have not paid rent

Tenant lease was not renewed and 30 days notice was given.  Tenant state they will not pay rent can I go ahead and serve them 5 days notice while the 30 days notice is still current so that I can expedite the eviction process.  After a tenant moves what is the time frame to sue for payment and have thier pay garnish.  Is there a staturatory time frame to garnish a former tenant's pay.

If it were me, I would serve them with the 5 Day Eviction notice for non-payment. Just to be on the safe side. They may end up paying. If they do not leave, I would watch for evidence for them moving. If you see boxes being packed and so forth I would probably wait to file for court. Then I would deduct from the security deposit any rents owed or damages to the apartment.
Personally I think and know from experience that trying to figure the best way out financially to save a few dollars is a bad idea. I would kjust go for the eviction and get them OUT so that you may re-rent ASAP and then take the next step and continue on with the money judgement if one is granted. One should not have to babysit a tenant. We are talking about a major investment here called property and when tenants don't respect you or whats yours, take legal action, IMMEDIATELY according to your state law. Blessings to you!
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