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Rent Increase or move out

Thanks for any advise!  I want to increase the rent from 800.00 to 975.00/month on a month-to-month lease basically because I moved out and the home is not shared housing anymore.  If they do not sign a new lease or pay the increase can I give them a 30 day notice to move?  Is this a difficult win?  I don't think they want to move.    Thanks again!

There are procedures to follow in order to raise rent or have someone move out. First you want to give them notice that you are increasing their rent giving them the proper amount of days to either pay the higher rent or move-out. There is a letter on this web-site for that. Year to Year - Advance notice of no less than 3 months is required to end the lease. For Indiana notice requirements are as follows:(If there is no written lease; usually the notice period goes to how the tenant pays rent. Month to Month - 30 days advance notice is required to end the lease.  Week to Week – 7 days advance notice is required to end the lease.  Fixed Term - Notice is not required, tenant shall vacate the premises at the end of the lease unless otherwise specified within the lease.
give them the notice for  them to pay it giveing them time to   think about how they are going to get the payment
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