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Personal Possessions Remain

I gave my tenants Notice to Vacate. (They were in my rental for over a month, wrote a rent check on closed account, so never were compliant with the lease agreement). They did finally begin moving out, and did return a key (there were two). They left an old refrigerator (in storage in the basement), a lamp, a settee. I cannot get them to respond to phone calls at all.  Since I did not have to get a Summary Eviction, what can I do about these items left behind?

Presumption - Of abandonment arises 10 days after Landlord posts notice of suspected abandonment inside and outside the premises and tenant does not respond and the paid rental period has expired. Abandoned Property - If the property left on the premises at the time of execution is worth less than $100, it is deemed abandoned 5 days after execution and can be disposed of by the Landlord. Take pictures just in case.
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