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Writ of Possession-LLkeeps personal property

Researching Writs of Possession, Texas Title 6, Unclaimed Property. I understand that I, the LL, can accompany the deputy to forcibly remove Tennants & that I can choose to take Tennants personal possessions in lieu of unpaid rent, legal fees, etc. But, I don't see any rules about my procedure from then on out.  Anyone know where to find them, or what they are?

I'm changing my lease now. If it doesn't work, I can easily change it back when another tenant moves in.  It imposes fines for various infractions. Most are small, around $25. Only two are large- the unauthorized pet and unauthorized tenant sections.   And, because the tenants I'm attracting seem to have a need to move out & use my house for storage, at my expense, I've decided to let them know that I WILL be reclaiming my money, and likely with their favorite stuff. If anyone has any links regarding imposing fines in Texas, please post. I don't want to do anything illegal. I just want to protect myself. Thanks.
People like this already have really bad credit. If they fall more than a little bit behind, they can't ever make it up. Most of them even already have arrest records. They are transients, of a sort, moving every year or two..or less.  I can't find them to sue them. I can't damage their credit. My last tenants began ignoring the lease before they even moved in, & broke it in several ways. None of them were major enough for me to spend $500 getting them out of the house, though.
Thanks. That was extremely useful. I already knew most of it, but I'm still researching details.  I'm a new LL, thrust into it in the midst of a divorce and an economy too bad to sell my extra home. It's in a location so awful, there is no way I can attract quality tenants. The home was occupied when I 'inherited' it & after 3 months, its abandoned again. I'm starting to learn the game of these dead-beats who can't pay their rent. They say they'll move, and then either don't, or they take all the time they want in getting out. And in the mean-time, they don't call, won't answer their phones, won't answer the door if they're there, don't pick up registered letter from you at the post office.   Until the neighborhood improves, I cannot attract quality renters. Therefore, I have decided to deal with them on their own terms. Even the poorest of poor gather electronics. I have seen it for years. Children whose parents are on food stamps and welfare have their own remote control T.V.s.
Robert, You have to be very careful with this. There are many exemptions to the rule and specific procedures must be followed or you can find yourself in trouble. There is some information at the link below.
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