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Pet Liability

If I allow tenants to have pets, who is liable if that pet (dog) would possibly attack a person on the property?  Are there state by state laws on pets that are considered uninsurable?  IE:  Pit bulls etc?  I hate to not allow someone to have a family pet due to a breed as it is generally overly discriminated against (I own a pit bull myself) but I do worry about the liability it may put on me as a property owner if that animal is agressive.

This is a very touchy situation. I would check specifically the administration building of where the rental property is located. Additionally, I would check with your insurer; as they would also be able to tell you if there are exceptions of coverage such as a "type" of dog not allowed.
as a landlord living in one side of my duplex i have two boxers i keep. i rented to a renter with three dogs with a conditional agreement that the dogswould not be a problem. while being gone my dogs were out and the tenant brought hers out, the dogs started fighting and she got bit. they took my dogs and are going to put them down. they tell me she can still live in the apartment.. what can i do. these dogs are not vicious she did not have a large bite as u would think if a boxer bit her. i need some advice, from someone. anyone
Check with your insurance company!! There are many breeds that are RESTRICTED by some insurance companies as well as certain locallities. If this is true and this breed hurts someone, the landlord could be responsible. Add a pet addendum to your lease ( there is a very good one on this web-site) specifying the rules.
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