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Taking Partial Payments

I have a rental in Fremont, CA. My tenant has been having payments problems.  He has been paying late and paying only what he can afford.  Payments have been over 10 days late. Does this practice hurt my lease agreement?  Should I only accept full payments? Or try to work with my tenant.

It all depends. Is this a recent occurance or has this tenant been a late payer all along? I will work with someone who is not habitually late. I also see how the market is doing in your area. How hard will it be to get another tenant? Also: DO you think this tenant will honor a payment arrangement? If you do, then maybe this is the way to go. You can draw up formal payment arrangements.
I have a tenant that is habitually late. There is always an excuse as to why. I want to sell the house and it will be easier to sell the house with them out. Unsure on what to do? Any ideas
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