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Wish to terminate unsigned lease b4 move in

I have an expected tenant who signed a lease and paid a security deposit (with a cashier's check, that has not been deposited) in May, to hold a unit for July.  After that, they sent a laundry list of requests/demands, for their convenience.  It seems they have no consideration for the other tenants in this duplex.  I am out of town and have not signed the lease yet.  We have communicated primarily through e-mail.  I had an agent show and screen them.  Their most recent note to the agent was hostile and somewhat threatening.  If this is going on BEFORE they move in, I don't think I want them as tenants.   Can I give back their check and lease or do I have to initiate some more formal proceedings?

There are so many things that MAY be...and the law varies from state to state - you really need to check with an attorney or local Landlord Group (Multi-Family Housing Association?).  Some things to consider - Is the Agent's involvement legally binding on you? It MAY be that if the Agent signed papers, you may be legally held to the agreement.  That laundry list of items MAY be things which are required under your state law - in my state there is a whole list of 'condition of the unit' items that a tenant can demand a landlord address.  If their tone seems hostile, look at why that may be. Perhaps the Agent made promises that are not being fulfilled? Hopefully the Agent is cc-ing you on all emails so that you can see both sides of the conversation. Also, written communication - emails, etc - are notorious for not conveying the true "tone of voice" the author intended. Poor communication is a big issue between landlords & tenants - and I have seen it on both sides.
Thank you, nothing has been signed on our end, I have seen all correspondence.  The laundry list includes things like wanting to rearrange the garden (starting today), and putting up a swing, and using the garage, which is not part of their lease.  The agent has told them, "I'll have to get an answer for you", for many of their questions.  Their lease does not begin until July 1.  They seem to want responses "yesterday."   I too, am cognizant of the lack of tone in an email, so I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but there was no sugar coating their note.  They even called an agent and asked if it were a craigslist scam.   I want everyone to have quiet enjoyment, I suspect they will be trouble.
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