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Court process for collecting judgement?

I was awarded judgement in Colorado county court, and am trying to figure out my next step.  I did not receive any paperwork after the hearing.  I read on the site that I needed to submit a JDF 104 Motion for Entry of Judgment.  I did not fill one of these out before my damages hearing.  The site also says "If you received a JDF107 Order for Entry of Judgment with Issuance of Interrogatories the Court has already authorized you to serve the Interrogatories and for the Judgment Debtor to answer them. "  Do I just fill this out and submit at the courthouse?  Or did I need to submit a JDF 104 first?  The judge definitely awarded me damages, but of course, is unable to provide any other advice on how to proceed.  I have no knowledge of where the tenants are or what their assets are, so will definitely need to serve the JDF 107 in the hope of discovering their assests.   Thanks for any help!

I would urge you to speak with an attorney. Judgment collection is a complex process, and can unfortunately be expensive.  Best of luck!
You can find out where the tenants went through the Post Master of the post office that's connected to your property zipcode.  Bring your court papers/documnets, and give them the tenants name.    I would contact the court house and ask about that form.  It sounds like a form to garnish based on the hearing?  The County court should be able to tell you what to do next.  I found physically going to the court house, was much more helpful than calling.
How do i collect my judgement if I dont  know  where the former tenants works? If I knew  that, I  could garnish there wages like I've done in the  past. Thanks
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