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How to legally become a Property Manager

Maybe a slightly unusual situation, my mother owns a 2 family house and rents out one floor.  I have been informally acting as property manager, the tenants would typically talk to me regarding whatever...Right now we have a tenant not paying rent, and we want to take legal action against her, but my mother is out of the country for another month.  Is there a way to give me legal rights equivalenet to hers?  By hiring me as property manager?  Or is the better option to have her sign forms and mail them?(Other side of the globe)

You also might consider a executing a power of attorney.
you have no idea how much you've helped me with that, one peice of information.  I am so terrible at figuring out legal stuff like that, even with google in front of me.  Thank you so so much.
I would simply sign something in writing with your mother to the effect that you're serving as property manager (just to keep on file), and then serve the tenants with an eviction notice yourself. Property managers are allowed to file evictions against tenants without the actual landlord being involved.
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