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Tenants want to paint rooms

Hi - I am looking at prospective tenants who have indicated a desire to paint rooms in my rental property. The prospective tenants are college students. While my overall reaction is that I don't want to allow it, I want to see what the general community has to say about it. Also, if I refuse, what can be a good way to put it without offending the tenants?

You might be making a mistake , first time painters are often sloppy exspecially arouind the trim , and ceiling .
You can say no.  Just say that you prefer things the way they are--ie a neutral color, or whatever.  The reality is, most tenants (or husbands) will not take the time and effort to do the necessary prep work before painting (taping around stuff etc.) and may not take care to protect your floors/carpeting.  Sloppy painting makes more work for you to turn your place over for the next tenant.  Plus, if they pick some non-neutral color to paint with it can be even more of a headache.  Unless they have sufficient painting experience or are paying a professional to paint, I would say no.  If you do say yes, at least require them to get your approval on the paint color before they proceed..
I would tell them you'll allow them to paint the rooms, but they may have to repaint them if you request it at the end of the lease. To enforce this, I would collect an additional security deposit.
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