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Section 8

I have prospective tenants that want to sign a separate agreement outside of their Section 8 agreement to pay the remaining amount of the rent that I'm asking. In other words, Section 8 only covers X and they want a separate agreement for the remaining $450. Has anyone ever dealt with that in MA? Am I being overly suspicious or is something fishy about this?

When you do Section 8 (I have ten Sect. 8 units in Chicago) Section 8 runs the show, I just collect the rent on the 1st like clockwork and deal with an inspection every six months. If I ever have an issue with a tenant (noise, damage, tenant vs tenant issues, etc) I just call the Housing Dept and the issue is solved without me lifting a finger. But, in exchange for those bonuses, I have to work with them on their own agenda (government). It takes them 90 days, it's going to take 90 days.
Ok. I got a letter in the mail today telling me it's 90 days. Thank you for responding. Hopefully all goes well.
NP. Overall, it's a great program to get into and you should have no issues.
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