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Lease renewal

My tenants lease will be up in approximately 45 days.  They would now like to rent month to month rather then renew another 12 month lease.  They have been renting the property for one year.  Do I have the right to increase the rent since the lease  will now be on a month to month basis? This property is in the state of AZ.

In the lease it states: "At the end of the Lease term, this Lease Agreement shall automatically continue for an additional term until such time Landlord and/or Tenant provide a written notice of 30 days prior to the end of the Lease Agreement or Lease renewal period".  Based on this clause, I sent a Lease Renewal notice 50 days prior to the lease end date - which they haven't returned. I don't want a month-to-month at the current terms. Is it too late to send another Lease Renewal Notice with new terms advising either pay the additional amount for a month-to-month, or sign a 6 month lease under the current terms, or vacate at the end of the May? Or should I just send a notice advising them that as of June 1st, their rent will increase by x amount?
I live in California and my tenants lease expires on 8/31/2009. It states on my lease that Tenant shall vacate the premises upon termination of the Agreement unless the lease has been extended in writing. Do I need to send a written notice or am I to assume that they are moving out? They won't return our calls because they want month to month. What should I do?
Hello! After a signed Lease Renewal saying (If you agree to continue the lease, all term and condition of your lease will remain in full force and effect.) Do I have to draw a new lease? Iustina A.
To End or Renew a Lease in New Jersey - if you have a Yearly or Fixed Term lease with a beginning and ending date  unless the lease states otherwise, one full months notice is required. But if your lease specifies a longer or shorter term that that is what is used.
Depends on how you write up the lease. If you are saying the rent is due on the first and rent is due on the first, than you may just prorate the August amount to $675.00 and state that in your lease or be nice and state that it's 650. Also, be careful what the security deposit laws are in your area, lowering the monthly rent may reduce the amount that you are allowed to hold and you may have to do an inspection of the property and return some of the deposit money.
You can increase their rent, because their lease is expiring. I would sign a new lease with the increased rent amount though.
Confused. Do you and/or the tenant want to change the terms of the lease after it was signed?
You may have shot yourself in the foot if your renewal statement “the lease will automatically renew for 6 months” is legal w/o a signature. I doubt it. Your Notice should have just stated the new terms and returned to you with signatures accepting the terms by a specific date. It should also state that if they do not return the Notice by the date mentioned, you will not be renewing their lease and that they are required to move at the end of the Agreement and that you will start adverting/showing the property  to new renters. And - most leases if not renewed switch to a month-to-month. Check it out.
I'm not sure June 1st works since we're already into May. Check State/Local laws as to when you can increase the rent. Couple of things you need to think about. 1st, “this Lease Agreement shall automatically continue for an additional term” should have been written to say “addition 12 months”. ‘Additional Term” is not as clear. ---- 2nd, “until such time Landlord and/or Tenant provide a written notice of 30 days prior to the end of the Lease Agreement or Lease renewal period".” I’m confused as to whey you would state “I don't want a month-to-month at the current terms”. All you have to do is send them a “Change of Terms” Notice to increase the rent and other Terms such as Security Deposit if law allows. If you want them out, send them a Notice to Vacate. If you want to keep them. Send them a Change of Terms Notice specifying the new rent amount. Have them sign/date either accepting new terms or rejecting new terms within X days. Also state that if they do not notify you by USPS, they will have to move by the Lease expiration date and that you will placing the property on the market for rent. State that you or your agent may be showing the property after proper notification. You may be able to find some ot the Notices here. Check to make sure you can alter them to meet your needs.
Yes this will work. As long as a tenant signs the lease renewal this shows that they acknowledge and understand that the lease is to be automatically renewed or can be renewed.
Thank you for your input, Brian.
As long as both the tenant and landlord are in agreement, you can change anything in the lease. For this, issue a new lease with the appropriate wording.
A landlord should make necessary repairs and perform maintenance tasks in a timely manner, or include a provision in the lease stating that tenants can order repairs and deduct the cost from rent.  As far as renewing your lease is concerned, you should consult a good property management firm for the same. I would suggest Tropicana Realty, they helped me a lot in my rental stay in Killeen.
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