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bi-weekly payments

I have a tenant who verbally wanted to change to bi-weekly payments. I agreed, but did not sign the form yet. We tried it last month, she was late both times and she is late this month as well. Can I start the eviction process?

Do you mean she is late with the two week payment? How far behind is she?
Yes, she is late with the first bi-weekly payment. She is 6 days late
Verbal Agreements are a big no-no. In the future it is wise to get ALL in writing. This situation would be one that could go either way depending on the judge. If this tenant HAS made a few bi-weekly payments in the past, that could serve as proof of the arrangement. It would make it easier to evict. I would definitely send her a late notice including that fact that she is on this arrangement and you have not received her timely payment. Once you get the payment, I would make her sign an official document.
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