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tenant cant follow the rules

if a tenant just cant follow the rule on the lease and the other tenants complain . can i just give them a 30 day notice to move. do i have to have a reason?

It all depends on your lease. If you have a fixed term lease, you would have to follow eviction procedures. But if you have a month to month lease, you most likely can give a 30 day notice also depending on what your lease says and what the regulations dictate for your state.
Be sure to read what the law says. In TN It is the Tennessee Code. Title 66; Chapter 7 Leases;  66-7-109 Notice of termination by landlord. It tells you for what cause you can evict, and if you need to give 14 or 30 days notice. You can find this information at:
Breaking the rules sounds like a lease violation to me. I hope the "rules" are spelled out in the lease. Other tenants are "good" witnesses.   I firmly believe in calling the police (impartial 3rd parties) to document the misconduct and inforc the rules where possible.  Good luck
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