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2000 limit

If your tenant owes more than 2 thousand dollars can you go to a higher court. , or are you stuck.

Generally you would have to file in a higher court if your  limit is in excess of the 2k. Keep in mind though that the percentage of "actual" collection of a judgement is pretty small. The costs are greater in a higher court and some even require an attorney to file on your behalf. It is probably a good idea to weigh the cost against the gain.
In NC, the limit is the limit. If your claim is over the $5000 limit, you must file in the higher court. The court clerk will not accept a complaint demanding more than the court's limit.
Brian the limit in small claims in Massachusetts is 2000 00 Ilet them slide a little and its up to 2400 Its tough to be hard with some people when they are broke
Why do you want a higher court? That is not the case to my knowledge, however I'm not an attorney; I would simply go through normal rent court.
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