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The whole truth and nothing but the ?

I always wanted to know why a tenant can ruin you rental with trash and filth, and when you have to give a reference you have to watch what you say. The tenant can not argue if he is a pig

I would use my words wisely when giving a reference but I would be very honest. What can the tenant do if you took pictures of the condition he/she left your property in? What is the harm in documenting the mess that was left? In addition, I would let the new property owner know that I would not rent to them again. Therefore, if would like to see a visual of the condition your property was left in,  then you can share your pictures on the situation with them,  and they will draw their own conclusion.
Erica, thank you, I always leave a good paper trail and also take pictures, in case I wind up in court, It just sometimes gets to me ,see I look at renting to a bad tenant is like a bad disease , it can start off small and end in a tragic mess .
I would be honest when referencing. Tenants are known for asking cash for keys.  I might try the reverse.   By the way, if you ever do move to evict a tenant, when a LL sees EVICTION on their background check, they'll want to know the truth anyway. Win or loose, eviction is reflected on your record the min. the courts get involved.
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