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breaking the lease - what monies can i charge

I have a leaser who is through 4 months of a 2 year lease. They are now wanting to vacate in 8 days. What monies can i charge them, if any for breaking the lease early?  There is someone else interested in leasing .(so hopefully i won't have an unoccupied property)

NC area: My tenants only gave 7 day notice.  Can I charge them for breaking lease which required 30 day notice?  Can I take the deposit.  There are damages over the usual and reasonable.  Do I just deduct those.  They are telling me that they gave 30 day notice (they told me on the 22nd of Sept and were out by end of month)  I thought they had to stay in house for the 30 day notice period and pay rent for that period in order to comply to the 30 day notice. Thanks. Sandy
What does your lease say? Most states require a landlord to mitigate damages. This means that you must make every effort to re-rent as quickly as possible. Ususally a landlord can not charge rent to a tenant when he has already rented the unit. Did they give you notice? DO they owe rent?
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