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questions to ask renters

in the initial contact what general questions should I ask

I would make sure: 1. How many people will be living in the property? 2. Do you have all the move in money to move in: security deposit, first months rent and so forth. 3. When are you looking to move? I would also try and assess if they have ever been evicted before?  Make sure and get cell numbers to verify the appointment, I do not know how many times I have been stood up. And also give yours so they may cancel if need be.
Debra, weed them out with a credit application, if they have bad credit you usually will not get the application back,  Check to see what they drive and how clean there car is, I myself , checking with there last landlord can be trickey, you could be talking to a relative and not there last people they rented from
I ask for their last two landlords numbers. Call and ask "Was rent on time?" "Where there any complaints from other tenants about them?" and "Would you rent to them again?". Credit checks are nice, but who pays the fee can be tricky.
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