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Can I sue for rent after tenant vacates?

My family owns a small commercial building in Florida. We have problems with tenants who sign year agreements and then break the lease. One tenant said he would pay, but moved out without notice or a forqarding address. We only collect last month's rent w/o a deposit. My question is can he be sued for breaking the lease even though we do have possession (based upon him moving out, he did not return the keys)? He renewed the lease in April and had moved by June leaving several months on the lease.

You can sue for any unpaid rent or other financial obligations that were due up to the date that you re-rented. You may also claim any physical damages that were created beyond normal wear and tear. Assuming that this commercial lease did not specify in the lease for modifications and how they must be handled; you may also be entitled to the restoration monies as well.
my tentant left owing me $300 dollars in back rent for the month of May also he was suppose to do several repairs in exhcange for the deposit of 700 but he didn't  he also left the residence in worst conditon.  I have no idea where he is now is there anything I can do?
I have a tenant that left and cannot find him.  I do have his social security number.  Who would I contact to find out his address?
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