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bad tenant

I have really bad tenant and I want to report to credit agency about her bad tenant.  Could you help me how I could report her? thanks

The answer to your question if you have over 500 accounts that are past due is to purchase an enterprise level software that allows you to report to the credit bureaus using a metro 2 format that the bureaus accept files in. The 500 account minimum is imposed by the credit bureaus and you would need to contact Experian, Trans Union, and/or Equifax; set up an agreement to furnish data with them, and update your accounts on a monthly basis. There are several sets of laws governing the reporting of accounts to the credit bureaus including the Fair and accurate credit transactions act(FACTA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) that you should be famialiar with prior to doing so. There are companies around that combine landlords to meet this minimum and therefore are able to work around this issue. You cannot just report a bad tenant, onlly a tenant who owes money. Generally a judgement award must be received first from a judge.
I just received a 90 day notice to vacate the premises that I live at. I have lived here over a year and never had any problems, and always pay my rent on time. a new tenant moved in 2 months ago and I have had problems with her non stop. She has tried everything she can to ruin my life. (made false police reports, called child protective service, even gone as far as say I beat her up. Now she has been calling my prop. mngmnt. place lying about me and they gave me this notice. Is it legal for them to evict me based on hear say. What should I do? Please Help!
Here is a great article on the proper procedure to take. I have found this very helpful.
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