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Tenant moved out

My tenants told the police they would be moved by Thursday and we went by that evening and it appeared they had moved. Electricity was turned off by PGE the previous Monday.  Do we have a right to take possession since I went to the back door and it appears everything is out.

Seems to me that if the electricity is off and there is no evidence of life.....such as fridge being empty, no clothing.....etc... you should be able to take possession. Just make sure that you DOCUMENT everything with pics and so forth.
Why bother?  He is on the lease as long as the rent is paid by whoever stayed not really your problem.  If the rent is not paid or there is damage upon move-out he is still responsible and can be an alternate way to get the money.  Same as a co-signer.
All you need is the simple amendment included with EZ landlord.  But can the other half of the couple swing the rent?  If not,  the other half likely won't want to be left alone on the lease.
Who did you received the security deposit from and amounts from? If he contributed to security deposit then you must give him written notice that he will lose his security deposit for abandonment of his contract is he is not paying rent even if he does not live there physically. If he is still paying rent but not physically living there is another issue. You may have to re-qualify another co-tenant with a new contract and security deposit terms.  Always having proper ID and SS to every lease is important and lease must match the names.  Hope this helps.
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