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I am a new landlord and I have made a ton of mistakes.  I have a renter that was recommended by a mutual friend.  I did not have the renter complete an application and the past year has been miserable.  I tried to work with the tennant when I set the rent due date and they continue to pay rent, not on the due date, but the last day before the late fee kicks in; and one of the rent checks bounced.  So now that it is time to renew the lease, I am asking the tennant for a formal application (I'm using the one on this site).  I told the renter it is a formality, but I would like to have the information since I never did a credit check and honestly don't know the person or have any information if I ever did need to pursue legal process.    Am I within my legal right to ask for the application?  The tennant is balking about providing the information.     The property is in Virginia.   Thank you!

I myself would question , do I want to go thru with this person another year , If you think about it ,is it worth having a person of this nature in my house Your tenant seems to be uncoperative
I'm not sure how an application will help you. If you do not wish to continue with this tenant, either send them a 30 day notice to vacate. However, if they are violating their lease agreement (not paying rent, etc), send them a 3-day notice (Check with your state. Every state has its own laws).
A tenant who thinks they are doing you a favor will drive you nuts.  Stay in control.  Nice guys finish last in this business.  From VA landlord to VA landlord,  I would complete the application.  I usually get a copy of drivers license and ss# because  this will probly be the only legit info, they do lie you know.  or send a 30 day notice to terminate.   VA laws work in the tenants favor to live in your place for 60 days without paying a dime in rent, not yours.  (and that's if you follow due process, if not it could be longer).  Ex.  You have to give a 5 day grace period on rent before submitting a 5 day notice to pay or quit.  You then file and unlawful detainer that takes about a month to get to court.  If tenant shows for court, the judge can grant them extra 10 days of free stay in your place.  It goes on.
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