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Turning Off Utilities

I will never do this again BUTT I let the tenant keep the utilities in my name as he would agree to pay them. However, he hasn't. Can I turn the utilities off?

Absolutely NOT!! You will have to go through proper eviction procedures.
Ok in my opinion, i would talk to him, tell him he is messing up your credit, and you are taking a loss. He needs to pay the bill and have the utlities cut on in his name. You could come up with a payment plan so he doesnt get overwhelmed. If he doesnt agree or misses a payment, I would then give him a 30 day notice to pay the full amount that is past due and turn on his own utilites or vacate the premises. If he chooses to vacate the premises, you should take him to court and sue him for your loss. And NEVER go on someones word! Take it as a lesson learned. People lie and even friends arent trustworthy when it comes to business. Good luck!
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