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refrig. and washer and dryer

As a property manager is it my responsibility to repair refrig. or washer and dryer left in the property for use by owners without warranty? Example: I am dealing with some pretty angry tenants...refrig. was included in the lease as a courstey to tenants...they work out of town...when they returned home refrig. had gone out and all there food was ruined...they call me upset...i told them i would do what i could to get someone over to check the refrig...the local repair man said the best he could do was the following Monday, sears said 2 weeks...i telephoned the tenants and told them i can't get anyone out to check the appliance until that Monday...they went crazy on me... told me they were going out to buy a new refrig. and bill my company....I told them that the refrig. was left in the property as a courtesy without warranty...  and that I will not assume responsibility for replacing them.

It depends what is spelled out in the lease. If you do not have a lease or if your lease is silent in this; a judge would then have to decide if it gets that far.
I heard of two ways, if the appliances were there when rented , you have to provide, and then I heard all you have to provide is a stove.
I think you need to refer to your lease.  Does it say you are responsible for appliances?  I usually am very specific about what I will and will not be responsible regarding appliances as I to leave appliances (washer/dryer/refrig./window a/c etc.)  I always specify that I am leaving the appliances as a courtesy and that the tenents will need to replace these items should they break down.  I also state that they need to contact me directly if one of the items need to be replaced so that I can make the final determination on disposition.  This way you do not have to worry about people "selling" the appliances and merely stating that they disposed to them because they broke.  I also add in the lease that any appliances that they purchase are there's to keep so that they feel protected as well.  I think your lease will dictate your liability for replacement of the refrig.  You are not responsible for there food.
I am learning to make sure, I am very specific when writing my leases....Thank you all for all the good advice...
I am learning to make sure, I am very specific when writing my leases....Thank you all for all the good advice...
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