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Tenant death; daughter living with....

We had a tenant with kidney disease, she was in and out of the hospital from approx. August to November, 2009.  In November of 2009, tenant died one day before being discharged.  Daughter was already living in apartment with mother.  Daughter expressed interest in remaining in apartment.  We tentatively said ok.  November nor'easter moved in.  2 units out of 4 had water damage.  Daughter's apt. was one of them.  Damage repaired.  Daughter moved in boyfriend and has 3 dogs.  There are four units, the other three are occupied by women.  These temants have been in these apartments for 15-30 years.  Daughter has disturbed tenant in B with loud speakers, barking/snarling dogs, has been late on rent 2 times in 3 months.  Right after she moved in, my husband told me that he thinks the apartment needs to be inspected before it can be rented.  Daughter was already in apartment.  Daughter has no lease, other than tentative verbal ok.  If we want to evict her, how do we do it legally?

Check your states statues and give her the alloted time to cure,(  (the boyfriend and dogs have to go), not part of verbal agreement, if she does not comply, start eviction. just check your state laws
Thank you Charlotte N., you are the only professional to reply to my question!
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