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HELP PLEASE tenant gave 30 day notice nov 1st

my roommate gve me a notice he was moving out nov 1st he was supposed to be out by dec 1st He is still occupying the room til this day.  He has only given me 100 dollars for the month of december he promised to pay me more but has been dodging me all this month I left him a note saying he needs to pay up i've already received a 3 day notice he told me he needed more time his car broke and cannot move and that was 3 weeks ago but he'd have the rest of the rent for me i left another note dec 26th i'm in need of the rent asap and he has not called nor tried to return any of my calls his stuff is still in  the room .  today his friend tried to enter my house with keys given by my roommate to get some of his clothes i would not let him in i told him to call me or have my roommate present.  it is now the 4th and he still will not return my calls i called his work and left messages with his employees and he still will not return my calls i cant even get a new tenant because he still owes me m

I believe for non-payment of rent, proper notice is 3 Days. I would serve this tenant this notice. You can mail it and place it on the door of the room. It must clearly state in the notice that your tenant must pay the rent to "name of Landlord" at "address of landlord" on or before the expiration of "3 days" (not including weekends or holidays). There is a notice on this web-site. If your tenant does not respond by vacating the unit, than you will need to go to court and file for his removal. Be careful to not change the locks. Also checkk with your local housing agency. Sometimes room-mate situations can be different, especially when the landlord is living in the same home.
Posting 3-Day Notice in CA: If the landlord can't serve the notice on tenant personally or by substituted service, the notice can be served by taping or tacking a copy to the rental unit in a conspicuous place (such as the door of the rental unit) AND by mailing another copy to tenant at the rental unit's address. SERVICE of the notice IS NOT COMPLETE until the copy of the NOTICE HAS BEEN MAILED. Begin counting the three days on the first day AFTER the day the notice was served. If the third day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the three-day period will not expire until the following Monday or nonholiday.
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