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how to ask tenant to leave

We are new landlords and made a terrible choice renting our converted garage apartment to a couple who we want to ask nicely to look for another place.  Is there any kind way to let them know we have reconsidererd?  They are on a month to month lease and have been here less than one month.  We woould like to not have to get ugly (at least at first).  We know they have violated several rules of the agreement. Please let us know if anyone has any advice. Thanks!

Removing a tenant in most cases is ugly. I once heard of a landlord that was in your situation. To make things smooth, the landlord told the new tenants that he had an emergency situation and needed to have an ill parent move into the unit. For the tenants inconvenience he would help them with the move by giving them $$$$. Tenant would receive $$$$ X#-of days AFTER tenant moved and ALL terms of the rental agreement was met, including receiving rent payment on time. He told tenant that he would put this in writing. You're other option is to serve a 3-Day Notice. The downside is that if they correct the violations, you're back to square one. Your last option is to serve them with a 30-Day Notice for them to move. Keep us posted.
Thank you for the feedback.  This is a very uncomfortable situation and we now know they are doing illegal drugs in our rental which gives us a bit more amunition.  There is no correcting that and they signed a zero tolerance page in the rental agreement.  We will try going the nice guy route to begin with then if it gets ugly we are going to the Sheriff. BE
You can just try and say it's really not working out for you and blah, blah, blah, offer cash for keys,  or send a 30 Day Termination Notice.  You can serve the notice with no reason listed but open yourself up to a possible discrimination claim.  Best to serve the notice listing the several rules violations that you mentioned if that's the route you choose to go.
You probably do not want to talk to them anyway but do not send them any ammunition to use , like harassment letters or telephone calls, or uninvited vists
All's well that ends well!  We found some very damning info on them and in 3 days they were gone, lock stock & barrel.  Thank GOODNESS!!
Wao, I like that , and how did you get the info? Just kidding
You are soooooooooo!lucky escapeing , 80% of the time you have to bribe them to get out even though its your house , pick your tenant wisely They did not smash you house up either.
Hi there Donald, I had a similar situation last year.  I rented to a young couple & I give them a chance since they were starting out.  Needless to say the neighbors were telling me people were coming in at strange times of the night & morning hours.  Trunks would open and exchanges, etc.  Well, they were also in their 2nd month.  My husband and I were terrified because my husband said they could be in gangs or trafficers.  We didn't want them to do harm to us, the neighbors for snitching, or my property.    So I went by there and met with the young couple & I told them a sobbing story that my mom was elderly & that She needed a place to stay. I apologized & told them that i needed my rental for her.  And that I hoped they would understand.   I even sugar coated it and told them that i would return their deposit for another place.  (I seriously needed them out and this is something you might not want to consider?)  The bought my story and moved. Work like a charm!  TG!
GOOGLED them - the guy had a myspace page w/ all sorts of info on his very sordid life right on the main page for the world to see. To give you an idea of the troubles he faces - he was just happy we didn't call his parole officer on him
Wow, I like the whole idea about Googling or checking a MySpace or Facebook out for the prospective tenants! I am sure you can find out a ton that way! GREAT suggestion Billy e!
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