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First time landlord.

I just recently decided to rent my home out for 3 months to a traveling nurse. Now my house has been empty for a year because i've heard nothing but horror stories about renters and what has been done to personal property..   The nurse needed a place to stay ASAP as it was a last minute decision by the hospital to renew her contract and her previous landlord was going to rent his property to another tenet. So within 2 days she was moved in. Now the only thing i did wasa written agreement about the length of stay and monthly rent. Its only 3 months.   Well she asked the other day if she could stay another 3 months if the Hospital will keep her. I said yes but now i would like to present her with this lease agreement that i did on this website to make it more official. She just made the 3rd payment on time and has been responsible.   When she leaves I will use this Lease agreement from here on out and do background checks.    I'm i headed in the right direction with this.

My tenet is going to stay another 3 months starting April 5th. I understand about the renters insurance but do i go through my home insurance policy or contact another agent?
Anthony , renters insurance is needed by the tenant , Liability and fire is needed by you on the rental .
Donald my home owners insurance has the liability and fire correct? and i should be covered  Thanks again  Tony
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