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First time landlord.

I just recently decided to rent my home out for 3 months to a traveling nurse. Now my house has been empty for a year because i've heard nothing but horror stories about renters and what has been done to personal property..   The nurse needed a place to stay ASAP as it was a last minute decision by the hospital to renew her contract and her previous landlord was going to rent his property to another tenet. So within 2 days she was moved in. Now the only thing i did wasa written agreement about the length of stay and monthly rent. Its only 3 months.   Well she asked the other day if she could stay another 3 months if the Hospital will keep her. I said yes but now i would like to present her with this lease agreement that i did on this website to make it more official. She just made the 3rd payment on time and has been responsible.   When she leaves I will use this Lease agreement from here on out and do background checks.    I'm i headed in the right direction with this.

thanks to everyone and great advice for that matter.. DO i need a seperate liability policy? or the tenet has there own rental insurance which will cover liability..   Well being that it was a quick move in i knew she would pay because my GF works with her and only a written agreement was written and signed for 3 months.. As stated in my first post if she decides to stay longer or if anyones else moves in they will have renters insurance insurance, and this lease agreement from this website about tenancys.   I guess i should contact my agent about liability insurance and see what the best route is to take.. and i will not allow pets either..   More comments the better.. Thank you
Donald my home owners insurance has the liability and fire correct? and i should be covered  Thanks again  Tony
Anthony , renters insurance is needed by the tenant , Liability and fire is needed by you on the rental .
My tenet is going to stay another 3 months starting April 5th. I understand about the renters insurance but do i go through my home insurance policy or contact another agent?
Thanks Donald... These are all very valuable tips.. I appreciate it..
guests that become permanant?  who is on the lease , no clutter in common areas , no alterations  of any kind  of living conditionsinside or out. How many cars in driveway. no illegal activity
Thanks Donald, I spoke with the tenet today letting her know that if she decides to stay another 3 months that a more formal lease will be written up and signed. She was fine with that. I really hope they can stay. I know its been only 3 months but they have paid on time and not really bothering me with little things..   Any other advice i should ad to my lease that isn't on there?  I do need to ad a few smoke detectors.   Thanks   Tony
Anthony ,, also smoke detectors and  carbonmonoxide testers . What happends is there are scammers and they will look how to get out of paying the rent , They know the code s better than you, Some will not answer the phone, by the time the eviction goes thru it can be 6 months without rent, do not get friendly but keep it a business like atmosphere. You have to have tough skin to being a landlord.Alawyer can be exspensive.
thanks again Donald... You have been a great help..
Hi Anthony, I would have her sign a 3 month lease stating the terms. Also, it’s good business practice to carry liability insurance on the property as well as an Umbrella Insurance policy to protect your other property. Check with your insurance agent.
Go to the library and read up on tenant laws ,it will open up your eyes. In your tennancy agreement have everything stated because that is the rules of the house, Be cause I did not state swimming pool in one tenant put one in which is really a code violation because there was no fence. tenancy at will is usually 30 days you can give them a notice to move, a lease is usually a year if they do not break rule they have to stay a year and then you can evict them
You need it all in your tenancy agreement when the rent is due , what amount , who is going to live there , that is your contract, Ihad a person fill out a application for a place and one of the questions was please state your last landlord ,it was'nt even his landlord but a relative. It can be a hassle if you get the wrong people in the place . They come in like Mary Poppin's and leave like Jack the Ripper. Do not give anyone a key because then they have possession of your rental. and usually only a judges decision can give it back to you. The key is a good tenant. and these are trying times right now.
also what about pets , some insurance companies will not cover you on some dogs , they urinate , and scratch moldings , how about smokers, they yellow shades couchs and wall s and carpets How about parking and a lease or month to month lease what do you need . check with a library and get your tenant laws for your state.Get the movie Pacific Height if you can , renting can be rewarding but a little education can save you a lot of grief.
Anthony first and formost , credit check and back ground check , a tenant can make you broke if he cannot pay you, a credit will weed bad tenants off. Liability insurance if some one gets hurt they cannot sue you.  Make  sure all your building codes are up to date. Take pictures of your place in case of damages done, walk thru with tenant and have a checklist and have them sign off .
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