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month to month lease

can i change my tenants lease to month to month lease after their 12 months lease expired in chicago? i'm getting a little worry that their grown kids going to start having too many kids hanging around my building this summer. i try to talk to the parent. but she defending her kids.

No my lease doesn't state this kind of clause. It is a pretty simple FARBAR (Florida Association of Realtors) Form.
Not sure then sorry might want to try someone from that association or someone familiar with FL law.
No my lease doesn't state this kind of clause. It is a pretty simple FARBAR (Florida Association of Realtors) Form.
Yes, month to month leases only need a 30 day notice from either party in the state of CA.
Thanks for your input. I was hoping there would be somebody on this Forum who might be familiar with the Florida Lease's still early....and I'm still hoping.
You do not have to raise the rent at all however depending on your local laws you may be regulated on how much of a raise in rent you can make. Usually on month to month lease landlords will increase the rent you can also write a lease renewal contract that keeps all of the original lease intact while stating your new terms.
Does your lease state that if not renewed it goes to a month to month with same provisions? Most from here have that in as standard. I would say the only change in lease is the term of the lease not the content.
yes you can, after the 12 month Lease you can even ask them to leave cause you will not be renewing their Laese.You can smiply wirte them a letter stating that the apt will no longer be avalible and you will not be renewing their lease. Giving them amply time. 30-60 day before lease expires..
If our tenants have live in our home over a year, yet on a month to month. Can i give them a thirty day. Or must it be 60 day evictions I'm in the state of calif. ty
hi, if the tenant does not pay the rent on a month to month lease and the landlord terminates the lease and if the tenant does not leave then does the landlord have to evict the tenant or can they make the tenant leave on their own by changing the locks. thanks.
If the tenant doesn't vacate, then eviction is the only way to proceed.
In some cases it may be easier to end the month to month lease by giving a notice to end the lease, usually 30 days. BUT and I say BUT, if the tenant does not vacate, you would still have to go through the courts, send a notice to quit and evict anyway. It would depend on your relationship with the tenant and the dircumstances.
Technically you're right. But you may have to defend that in court.
Why do you need a tenant she needs to give you a whole months notice, you should be able to find a good tenant within a month.
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