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tenant retaliation

I'm non-renewing a Section 8 tenant's lease due to high electrical bills and changing the locks within providing me a duplicate key.  The tenant is now escalating by leaving all lights on 24x7 to run up the electrical bill which I pay. Is there any recourse under WA state law?

Sorry.  I meant to say the tenant changed the locks "without" providing me a duplicate key.  Also,  may I threaten a 3-day eviction if I don't receive the dup. key...?
Yes... bad behavior on the part of the tenant can get them kicked off section 8.   It is many years waiting list to get back on.  Inform the tenant that you will write to Section 8 and inform them of the actions being taken by this tenant.   Then if they do not change it  You won't get your money back... but.. they won't do it to the next landlord either.
I agree with Deb S. --If tenant loses their entitlement to Section 8 assistance, it's normally a long wait "at the end of the waiting list" to try an get back on Section 8. Under the circumstances of your complaint, there's a pretty good chance that they won't get back on at all! Another suggestion, is to let the tenant pay their individual utilities, when ever  possible... Section 8 provides their clients with an allowance for this as well.
I agree with Carver D- on letting tenants pay for utilities or a (%) precent of it if it dont allow for individual meter, by spliting it evenly per unit.
check with the Law in your state if it allow for you charge a precent of bill. In PA it allows it.
does any one know if you can give a 3 day notice for retailiation. Im having  almost the same problem. I gave a young man 30 notice for underage drinking, now he is running the air with the windows open, leaving spoiled food laying around,  helping himself to some of my belongings.
I just found and sent a utility notice for excessive charges.  It stated that continued excessive use will result in termination.  Then you have some ground to work from on evicting, but it will take two months to even get the process started.  Michelle, you can give 3 day notice for any "violation of the lease". If you can find a clause in your lease to fit the situation, then tt's your right, but it's not always easy.
I am sorry to hear this. This is something that just shows the state of our country today, the criminal have more rights than the hard workers. There is no way a great landlord should ever have to deal with these situations. I feel that the only way to really help solve these issues are to do the most thorough background check that you can, talk to previous landlords, google the tenants name do a full tenant screening with criminal and credit history. I have found the more time you put in upfront the less time you need to spend in the end. I hope this helps but stories like this hurt and downright piss me off. Stay honest and keep working hard and you will push through. Good Luck !
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