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Tenant not sending back the lease renewal letter

I have a tenant that I sent a renewal letter to 90 days in advance of their lease expiring. They have not complied and sent the letter back letting me know whether they are going to renew or will vacate. Should I surmise that if the tenant does not send the letter back with their choice, that the lease is automatically renewed for the one year period stated? The letter states that if the tenant is going to vacate that the must give a written notice. Without receiving anything , am I able to legally bind them into another one year lease?

No letter no lease. Automatic month to month. Can send 30 day Notice, letter terminating tenancy and a 30 day notice to renew lease ,their choice. Must be clear and in writing. Just my thoughts.
Have you tried contacting them by phone or email? follow up. be persistent.  let them know you will need written notice if they plan on vacating or they will need to contact you to sign the renewal lease.
Thank you Lucille and Jennifer for your advice. I live in Florida and my rental home is in NJ. I have tried contacting the tenant by phone, all messages go directly to her voicemail, and I do not have an email address for the tenant.  I just sent another lease renewal letter by certified mail with return receipt confirmation. If I do not hear back from her soon, I will be sending a 30 day notice to vacate.  Again, thanks so much!
Hi Beth, would you mind following up with the status on your situation?  I am in the similar position and would be interested in hearing how your story ended. Thank you
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