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illigal drug activity in the premise or back yard

If the tenants doing illegal activity somewhere within the house or the back yard of the premise such as selling drug and get by police, does the landlord have any responsible to it?

My only experience in CA. Watched the premises for about a week for drug activity, people making quick stops  running in for just a few minutes. took down car licence of ea and noted it. Observed different times.. Midnight hours also. Made notes called the police and informed them of my observations. Within a few days a swat team showed up covered the building and physically removed them to jail. Before they were taken away I spoke to them and asked if there were any friends or and emergency number I should call to get their things from the apartment. They gave me a number and I gave the friends 3 days to get there stuff out. End of story. Available for rent.
Nice job Lucille!
yes you have to evict them if you know for sure there is illegal drug activity   Lucille that was outstanding wtg
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