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Proper way to ask a Section 8 tenant to move out?

Hi everyone.  I just purchased a duplex property, and wish to move in to one of the units. The unit I'd like to move in to currently has a Section 8 tenant with a lease until the end of September. Section 8 is paying for 100% of her rent ($1050/mo).  There's nothing wrong with the tenant, I just want to move in to her unit ASAP. I have not yet talked to the tenant (I closed just a couple of days ago).  Is there any problem with me offering some sort of incentive for her to move out? I'm thinking of drawing up a letter offering a payment of 1 month of rent + reasonable moving expenses (they have almost no belongings) - up to $1500 total for them to terminate their lease and vacate within 30 days.  Thoughts?  Thanks!

I would contact your HUD counselor and explain your situation.
If you offer to pay something for them to move, make that they will move in 48 hours.  Show them cash when you make the offer, although you pay only after, immediately after, they move.  Try it; it works.
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