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Deposit deductions

I had a renter who gave my 5 days notice that they were moving out. I have decided to only give him half the deposit back along with any other deductions after the cleaning and repairs are done. Is this a pretty fair decision on my part?

CHECK with your states requirements for making deductions from a security deposit. ALL states differ and most require specific procedures such as a set amount of time to return the security deposit, what you may deduct...providing a statement for your tenants and more...
Yes you can use the security for this if it can be deemed by the court as more than just normal wear and tear. Take photos. and have photos of before they moved in.  Show the cleaning receipts and estimates for the work done. If you do all of this and send the tenant a notice of security deposit deducted costs you should be all set and the court will back your deductions if it should go that far.
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