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Tenent Needs help in AZ- Please help us before Aug 31st! My son depends on it

Ok i have a question. I got this web site from a friend of mine. He is a landlord that rents to my mother-in-law and he said you may be able to help. Me and my fiancee and our 6 month old son are renting a home in Maricopa, AZ. We spend $500 a month. We do not pay utiities and we signed a lease that would end December 1st of this year. Well, we rented a loft. Our bedroom is a storage closet. It has no vent in it so its gets really hot. And with an infant its not ideal. OUr landlords want to kick us out the end of next month. The only reason they tell us is that they dont want room mates anymore and that they want to turn the loft into a health spa. My fiancee is the only one that works and we werent looking at moving til Dec. Can they lagally kick us out with a lease we signed. We have followed their rules and what we signed in the agreement. I hope you can help me. I dont want an eviction cause that will hurt us in the future.

If your lease states  it ends Dec 1 , They cannot legally let you out of the lease till then.Know in front of a judge they could be held for harassment or unlawful eviction if they force you out. ,to be sure check tenant laws in your state but you should be safe till Dec 1
I agree with Donald.  The lease is a contract and it will stand up in front of a judge, for you to stay until Dec 1st.  I'm just worried about your emotional well fare if you are in a place that you aren't wanted.
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