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Tenant refuses to return keys

I have a tenant in MD who is breaking her lease and moving out early but refuses to return the keys until I refund her security deposit.  Do I have to give her some sort of notification that I'm changing the locks once she is out?  She has not signed anything stating her move out date.

The security deposit is  used for this purpose , for new locks or damages, now you have to check with your state tenant laws. What kind of lease does she have, how much on her lease left does she have. ?
Definitely check state tenant laws... frankly some state laws do not require security deposit to be returned before move-out. Some states allow up to 30 days after move-out, which would mean in these states she cannot hold the keys until security is returned. She must also wait until you have done a walk-through with her to determine if she is even entitled to get a refund of deposit.   If she is breaking her lease, she has to provide a notice of 30 days or more - that should give you her moving time frame.
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