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Post dated rent checks for 11 months

Is it legal to deman 11 post dated checks from the tenant, to be deposited on the 1st of every month of the rental period?  Thank you.

A post dated check is not illegal, in fact I do not think the bank goes by the date,  you better make sure the tenant has enough money in the account , its not like cash, you can have 20 checks ,so what it means nothing if the account is empty. Now if you had 11 envelopes with cash now your talking.
Hello Donald, thank you for responding.  In NJ, landlord can't accept more than 1 and 1/2 months of rent $ as security deposit. So I am trying to find out ways of ensuing that the rent in fact will be paid. I understand that having the check in the hand means money in the bank. It does give the convenience of having the check in hand on the rent day.  Our renters have lost the house to foreclosure, so the credit rating is bad. They CLAIM that their business generates enough money to pay the rent. Can't overlook the fact that they let the house go.   I am thinking of asking for a guarantor. Can you think of any ideas to ensure that the rent is received on time, without doing something that is banned by the NJ law.  Thank you.
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