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Legally Allowed Pet Security Deposit in CO

Do you know either A) the per pet deposit amount in Colorado?; B) the maximum pet deposit allowed in Colorado? ir C) if it can it vary depending on the type of animal (cat vs dog)?  I see a lot of variation in the advertising.

How much should be charged?
Tammie,  According to the book "Every Landlord's Legal Guide", the state of Colorado has "No statutory limit" on security deposits.  I'm pretty sure that means you can charge whatever you want (within reason) for a security deposits.  But, you might want to check into that yourself.  My tenant has two dogs and I charged her a $250 pet deposit ($125 for each pet).  I would recommend asking the tenant if you can meet the pet(s) to see how well behaved they are to determine the likelihood that they might cause damage to your property.  Personally, if I could go back and do things over, I would have not rented to a tenant with pets.  The pets have done some minor damage and they aren't as well-behaved as my tenant lead me to believe.  Good luck.
Thanks Heather.
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