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How long after a tenant moves do I consider their property abandoned?

I had a tenat who moved out. She informed me that she wanted to break the lease because she cannot afford it anymore. She was not sure when she woiuld move but she would provide me with 30 days notice. On 7/31 a PODS container was dropped off in the driveway and when I contacted her about it she stated that she will be moving on 8/6 and that she knew she needed to give me some money. She has moved, she didn't return the keys and she left a TV, metal bedframes, and frozen food in the freezer.  I know of this because I had to enter the apartment to allow a contractor in the house. And I notified her by text message that I will be entering the apartment. She refused to answer my calls so I had to text her. I know she definitely owes the rent for August since I was not provided with 30 dys notice of her moving date and she didnt move out until 8/9. I want to know how long I need to keep the belongings in the apartment for before it is considered as abandoned?

There are strict rules under landlord laws in every state , you have to check , go to the library and find the laws out.
Thanks Donald. I was able to find the L/T Laws in my state online and I am required to send notice to her by both regular mail and certified mail with return receipt informing her to remove them within 30 days after receipt of notice. If not picked up then I am able to dispose of them.
Your Lucky . some places you have to put there things in storage and pay the storage fees.
Im in CT also. My local Marshall is so good. I sent him with a notice of declaring abandonment, after 10 days put the stuff in the garage (locked) left a notice where I could be reached(thru his office) began showing the apartment, and they contacted him saying I had no right to enter, but with ewritten notice you can. He gave them an earful, gave them their crap and made them sign a receipt and hand over keys.  Of course I changed the locks!!!
Thank you all for your help. I have sent the notice and she has accepted the delivery. I am just waiting on the time to pass to throw them out since she has not responded to date.
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