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pack rat

Has anyone ever come across a pack rat and I would like to know what would be some ideas to get rid of this stuff, to some people it is gold. Imight offer 1 time clean up but they would keep the junk. To me anyway it is mostly garage space and really no entrance.

You could contact a junk hauling service or place an ad in Craigslist saying - you clean it -you keep it.
I mean't these people are still there.
If you've ever watched one of those TV Judge shows, the first thing the Judge would tell a Landlord who unceremoniously dumped an existing tenant's or even former tenant's possessions on the street is that that Landlord had no right to do xo without giving the tenant a documented  request to remove their property by a certain date. The laws governing what constitutes "Abandoned Property", what length of notice has to be given the property owner before the property can be disposed of by the Landlord, etc. vary from state to state.  Further, did you give these tenants permission orignally to store their stuff in your garage, and if so,  under what conditions and for how long?  Bottom line...don't touch the tenant's "junk" in your garage without finding out what's appropriate in your state and notify the tenants accordingly in writing. Otherwise you may be sued for "callously disposing of the tenant's valuable "antique" from the garage.
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